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#116 Memories of Mom's Quilts

#116 Memories of Mom's Quilts

Ross H. Walters
Municipality: Taylor Township
Structure: Shed
GPS: 40.088 -77.9957347,13.96




     This quilt block was designed in memory of my mother, Mabel Koontz Walters and my grandmother Elizabeth Grove Koontz. I remember them always working on quilts in the winter time. Cutting patches from old dresses, shirts, pants, coats, etc. and laying the patches out to sew them together on the old treadle(pedal) sewing machine in the earlier years. Then they would put the quilts in the quilting frame to be cross-stitched with each patch and then knotted. Making quilts for all the family as well as neighbors was a regular event. Quilts were much needed for warmth in the old days as the upstairs was usually not heated and it would get rather chilly in the winter.

  We used bright colors in this quilt block pattern as my mother and grandmother liked bright colors as well.