P. O. Box 132
McConnellsburg, PA 17233


#136 Horn of Plenty

#136 Horn of Plenty

Noreen Mann
Municipality: Ayr
Structure: House
GPS: 39.924624 -77.982649

​​     Cornucopia was selected and presented to Mrs. Noreen Mann, Music Director and Pianist for    McConnellsburg Elementary and High School musicals. To celebrate and honor over 30 years of her bountiful gifts to so many students throughout the years and to specifically commemorate    the 2015 production of the McConnellsburg Elementary Musical "Honk Jr."

      She is a talented, nurturing force ever-present at the musical forefront. Mrs. Mann is a   cornucopia of positivity, energy, guidance and abounding dedication to the cast, crew and   audience alike. Cornucopia represents the abundance of talent she gives coupled with the          cornucopia of talented students that thrive to make each magical musical production an       astounding success and cherished memory.