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#39 Flying Geese

#39 Flying Geese

Historical Society
Municipality: McConnellsburg
Structure: 6007
GPS: 39.932465 -77.998387

This block is fashioned after a quilt that was gifted to the Fulton County Historical Society by Mary Hannegan, a descendant of the Runyon Family, who passed down this story:

Confederate troops raided Fulton County in 1863, searching for food and bedding. To save this quilt top, the family hid it successfully outdoors in a stone wall. After the Confederates left, the family retrieved the quilt top, but it had suffered some staining from dampness while hidden in the wall. Elizabeth Runyon, the great aunt of the donor pieced the original quilt from the flying geese pattern. The quilt has a white backing turned and bound on the front. The quilting was done in the early 20th century by Mrs. Hannegan’s sister, Catherine Eitemiller Schropp. A replica of the original quilt was made in 2003 by Jessie Dean of Needmore for a raffle to benefit the Fulton County Historical Society; the quilt raised $1,500 for the Society and was won by Elsie Onwiler of Missouri. The Flying Geese quilt is also featured in the Society’s publication “Quilts and Coverlets of Fulton County.