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#81 Cherokee Star

#81 Cherokee Star

Faye & Jim Butts
Municipality: Todd Township
Structure: 6625
GPS: 39.93614 -77.979209

We chose the Cherokee Star for our barn quilt square to honor our Native American ancestors.

In the 1800's thousands of Cherokees were herded by government troops on a 1,000 mile journey from Georgia to Oklahoma.  During this movement, known as "The Trail of Tears," some of our family members escaped into the mountains, traveled north and settled near Harpers Ferry.  Jim's great grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee Indaian who could not read or write.

We chose shades of brown to depict Mother Earth, orange for kinship, fire and warmth, and turquoise because it stands for the sky, water and protection.  The Native Americans used tourquoise abundantly in their jewelry.

The animal pictures we chose for the corners were animals that were very important to Native Americans.  The eagle was their devine spirit and their connection to the Creator; he was their carrier of prayers.  The sun was their principal object of worship, so they prayed to the sun for abundant crops and good health.  Thus the eagle is flying to the sun.  The wolf shows loyalty, strenght, inner power and humility.  You are equal to others, but not better.  Indians beleived that the world was created at the time of the new moon when the fruits of the earth were ripe.  Thus the wolf is howling to the moon.  The bear is the Protector; he represents courage, physical strength, integrity and compassion.  Last is the sacred buffalo, the provider of all things needed for living.  Without the buffalo the Native Americans could have never survived.  The buffalo also represented respect.  When we show respect for other living things they show respect for us.