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McConnellsburg, PA 17233

Safety Guidelines

Guidelines to Safely Enjoy the Frontier Barn Quilt Trail:

  1. Your safety and enjoyment is our first concern. So, when approaching a quilt block location be mindful of traffic and be very careful to park in a safe manor. Many roads in Fulton County have very little shoulder or pull off areas, so please try to pull off the road as far as possible. Once stopped, put on your hazard lights especially if you wish to take photos.

  2. Fulton County is a rural area and many of the back roads have limited services. Therefore, prior to beginning the tour, be sure you have a full tank of fuel.

  3. Most quilt blocks are located on private property. Therefore we ask that you kindly respect the host’s privacy. When visiting a location, please remain in your vehicle. That is, unless the quilt block is located at a business location open for business.

  4. Many barn quilts are located on barns of “active farms” which may have various animals grazing in the fields. These animals are not to be petted, fed, or touched. Not to mention the fact that many of the animals are located within electric fences often times covered with poison ivy. “Yikes”    However, it is certainly OK to wave and say “HI” to the animals from your vehicle.

  5. Last, while driving on our country roads please keep your eyes open for farm machinery, deer, turkey, farm animals and children. Drive with extreme caution as we want you to have a great experience here in Fulton County.

Please respect the private properties where the barn quilts are displayed. Viewers are also advised to take all necessary safety precautions when viewing the quilts from roadways.