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What and Why?

What Is A Barn Quilt?

A Barn Quilt is a large painted quilt square mounted on or directly painted typically on the gable end or side of a barn, business, garden shed or house. Typically the quilt square is positioned to be visible from a road and viewed as people drive past. Quilt block designs can be from traditional geometric patterns used by quilters or designed by the individual. In many cases patterns used by families, as well as modern variations of traditional quilt blocks.

Most barn quilt blocks are 8×8, 4x4 or 2x2 depending on the size of the structure and distance from the road. Typically they are painted on MDO sign board and are affixed to the structure to be visible year round.

 What Is A Barn Quilt Trail

A Barn Quilt Trail is a self-guided driving tour of the decorated structures with a map to locate and reference the known history of the facility or significance of the quilt block and the Barn Quilt sponsor.

 Why have a barn quilt, and a trail?

 Cultural and Social

  • personal enjoyment
  • promotes barn history and preservation
  • celebrates our rural culture
  • fosters pride in farm, business and private property
  • educates youth and visitors on the value of the agricultural and rural economy
  • encourages a large community involvement
  • celebrates the quilt and other traditional arts
  • creates a year round attraction that fosters other community events and projects

Economic Impact

Although a solid figure is hard to obtain because tickets are not sold to barn quilt trails, all the organizations noted a dramatic increase in inquiries at the visitor centers and historic sites as well as interested families on the back roads. Cafes, restaurants and hotels report many visitors mentioning the barn quilt trails as their main reason for visiting the county. Artists and craftsman report products reflecting the barn quilts and the traditional arts are sought after.

We can expect the same positive economic impact here in Fulton County because of our proximity to the major metropolitan areas and PA Turnpike, Interstate I70 and an increasing interest in historical and educational experiences by families and retirees. Other counties with self-guided driving tours, have seen increases in the attendance to local festivals and have been very successful in directly benefiting the restaurant, lodging industry, retail shops and indirectly benefiting real estate sales and other community events.

The unanimous opinion was….”this is the best agri-tourism project ever”…

*The above information was gleaned from multiple barn quilt organizations throughout the United States.