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McConnellsburg, PA 17233


#147 Blaine's Farmall

#147 Blaine's Farmall

Blaine F. Fix
Municipality: Taylor
Structure: Barn
GPS: 40.029783 -78.085713

  Blaine and Helen Fix

   After retiring I decided that I needed a hobby. I had a Farmall Tractor that I used in my garden and decided to refurbish it, which then led me to in the mid 70's to purchase another rusty tractor (Farmall Cub)which usually did not run so had to be drug onto a trailer to haul it home. To date I now have 5 Farmall's that has been totally refurbished and have made their way up main street during the Fulton Fall Folk Festival Parade. the blue triangles in the corners represent the color of the Farmall attachments such as plows, mowers, blades etc.