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#165 T-Square

#165 T-Square

Morgan and Kathy Kinghorn
Municipality: Licking Creek
Structure: Post
GPS: 39.974101 -78.114553

Kathy Kinghorn    “T Block”

   When we saw our house for the first time, there was one quilt on the bed. At the auction, we bid on that quilt & were lucky to win it. Later, I learned that the quilt had been made by  the previous  owner, from her husband’s shirts, and the name of the pattern was called T Block.  Our son’s name is Tyler, so this T Block became significant for me. That fall, I saw the quilt show at the Fulton County Folk Festival, & promised myself that I would try to find out how these beautiful, intricate patterns were put together——I was hooked. This was the beginning of quilt lessons and many happy years of quilting.