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#55 Metzler Log Cabin Block

#55 Metzler Log Cabin Block

Panya Peck (Tracy Ashman)
Municipality: Licking Creek Township
Structure: 2491
GPS: 39.987513 -78.058868

This Harrisonville farm has been in the Metzler family since 1836. It is currently owned by Panya Metzler Peck and Paige Sipes Metzler. Their niece Tracy Metzler Ashman and family live here today. At one time there was a tavern owned by George Metzler on the property directly across Route 655 from the current location of the barn. It has been documented that the Underground Railroad passed through Harrisonville and that Mr. Metzler’s Tavern was used as a safe stopover.

Legend has it that certain quilt blocks were used as a code to help slaves with their escape to freedom. The log cabin pattern denoted a safe house on the Underground Railroad; hence the owners chose this block for their barn.