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#80 Mom’s Eagle Quilt

#80 Mom’s Eagle Quilt

Timothy Moseby
Municipality: Wells Township
Structure: 260
GPS: 40.080063 -78.144686


     The union quilt pictured, was made by Janetta Burke of Amberson Valley, PA in 1861. It was passed on by her daughter, Jeanetta Burke, who married Charles Knepper. Mrs. Knepper, who was my mother's stepmother passed it on to my mother, Edythe Mosebey, the wife of W. Lyle Mosebey, Sr. of Wells Valley, PA. It was then passed on to Carolyn Mosebey, wife of William L. Mosebey, Jr. in whose possession it remains today.  

     The barn quilt is on the barn at 180 Mosebey Rd., Wells Tannery, PA. The barn was erected in 1915 by my great-grandfather, Col. William Leslie Mosebey, who settled on the farm in the late 1890's. Previous owners include Mary Mosebey (Reichly), William L.Mosebey, Sr. and Edythe (Knepper) his wife and myself, Timothy K.  Mosebey of Wells Valley, PA.