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#14 Monkey Wrench

#14 Monkey Wrench

Wayne and Barbara MacDonald
Municipality: Ayr Township
Structure: 3107
GPS: 39.874833 -77.989925

The Monky Wrench quilt block was chosen mainly for its name, and was inspired by a miniature quilt made in the Monkey Wrench pattern made by Carolyn Kerlin ( a Barn Quilt Trail committee member).  

A monkey wrench is an adjustable wrench widely used in the 19th century but largely obsolete today. Wayne is a mechanical engineer and likes tinkering with old machines, so the pattern held appeal for its name. It is also a relatively simple pattern, appropriate for the intended display location on a small building. The colors are primarily those already in use on the owners' residence.  The word "monkey" in this context is a nautical term roughly meaning "handy" and has nothing to do with the primate.

This is a monkey wrench.  One can see the squares and chamfers of the quilt pattern in the wrench.