P. O. Box 132
McConnellsburg, PA 17233

#16 Mariners Compass

#16 Mariners Compass

Carolyn & Stanley Kerlin
Municipality: McConnellsburg
Structure: 6222
GPS: 39.934049 -77.998037

The office at 204 North Second Street was built in 1852, just two years after the Fulton County Courthouse next door. It was a private home and a beauty shop until 1996 when we purchased it for our law office. When it came to choosing quilt design for the office, I considered some of the quilts I had made. One of my first small quilts was a “Mariner’s Compass” which I decided to use as the model for our block. The Mariner’s Compass block has it’s origin in the ornate compass designs on antique nautical maps which served to orient the viewer as to North, South, East and West. It seemed appropriate for a law office, as clients go there seeking guidance on many sorts of issues. Simplified versions of the compass are on surveyor’s drafts which are used by attorneys when writing deeds and handling other real estate matters. Incidentally, in the Courthouse Lawn across the street are two small monuments which are lined up to point to true north. They were used by surveyors to calibrate their instruments. The Mariner’s Compass proved tricky for a first time painter, but I had so much fun, I continued on and painted many more boards for the Barn Quilt Trail.

The Kerlins also have another barn quilt on their privately owned barn. However, it is not on the Trail as it is not visible from a road. Sorry folks. But you can still enjoy this beautiful creation via these photographs.

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