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#33 Fiona's Scottish Thistle

#33 Fiona's  Scottish Thistle

Linda Mellon
Municipality: Todd Township
Structure: 1643
GPS: 39.997059 -77.961787

baby fiona

Fiona was born March 16, 2015 to Hyacinth, a Scottish Highland cow, who didn’t want her. Hyacinth repeatedly pushed Fiona through the electric fence and would not nurture her. There was no choice but to bottle feed her. There were two problems: Fiona would not drink from a bottle, and I didn’t live at the farm. My daughter held Fiona in the back seat of the car, and we took her to live in Cumberland, Maryland. Fiona stayed in the 6 foot fenced garden in a shelter with straw. Feeding her milk replacement took up to an hour at a time. She would roll that nipple around in her mouth over and over. She didn’t know how to suck. She spent 5 days at a Veterinary Hospital with IV’s and with people constantly trying to get her to eat. She still didn’t want to take a bottle. As time passed, Fiona eventually learned to suck the milk and would drink a gallon at a time! Meanwhile, on weekends I would put her in a dog crate and take her to the farm. The goal was for her to acclimate to the other cows. None of them liked her. Perhaps that was because she was a different color or perhaps because I gave her special attention. No one knows the answer. But I do know that this challenging situation turned into one of my life’s most satisfying accomplishments. (The blue border stands for the Scottish flag. The 4 thistles in the 4 corners represent the national flower of Scotland.)