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McConnellsburg, PA 17233

#45 Peacock

#45 Peacock

Kathy and Bill Kendall
Municipality: Licking Creek Township
Structure: 5872
GPS: 39.98937 -78.111559



    The “Kendall” barn quilt was created in honor of our first peacock “BILL”.  When we first moved to our new home in Licking Creek on January 1, 2000 we went to the Greencastle Auction and bought “Bill” for $ 35.  “Bill” added the much needed color and flare to our home. He always thought he was in charge!  Every time anyone would yell on the farm for Bill, peacock “BILL” would yell also.  Bill never knew if someone was yelling for him or “BILL” was yelling.   “BILL” always roosted on the top of the barn where he saw everything.  He was our best "watch dog" bird ever. 

    Peacocks are very hard to raise because of all the foxes and coyotes around our farm.  We had at one time 10 peacocks but now we only have 3 male and one female, but we're always trying to raise more.

    They are a beautiful sight when the males stretch that tail out and the different shades of blue take your breath away. We collect the tail feathers every year for all sorts of art and craft activities.

   The “Kendall Family “ would like to thank Linda Black and the Forbes Road Art Club for capturing the true “Bill” in our beautiful barn quilt!

                                                                                              Kathy & Bill Kendall