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#73 The Waterwheel

#73 The Waterwheel

Violet Culler
Municipality: Ayr Township
Structure: 7891
GPS: 39.925237 -77.981122

Our barn quilt represents the waterwheel that powered the flour and feed mill in Waterfall from the time it was built in 1875 until it was changed to diesel power in the mid 1950’s. We have no record of what happened to the waterwheel at that time but think it was probably sold for scrap metal. The mill was owned by our father, David Knepper, from 1945 until his untimely death in 1967 at the age of 52. It was then operated by his son, Charles and wife Penny, until a fire of undetermined origin destroyed it completely in 1976.

The mill played a huge part in the lives of the eight children of David and Mary Knepper. We were permitted to roam freely throughout the mill from the dirt floors in the basement, to the grain bins on the third floor. We also spent time swimming in the mill race. For us it was one big playhouse.

The mill is also where we were taught our work ethics. At a very young age we were responsible for filling and weighing the sacks of flour, keeping the floors clean by using a big push broom and as we got older, helping out in the office.

We had a wonderful childhood growing up in the little village of Waterfall during the 40’s and 50’s. The mill provided us with hours of enjoyment as well as supplying a necessary service to the community.