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#83 Grandma Gordon's Wagon Wheel

#83 Grandma Gordon's Wagon Wheel

Dorothy Randler
348 R & R FARMS LN
Municipality: Ayr Township
Structure: 3148
GPS: 39.865538 -78.023899

Grandma Gordon’s Wagon Wheel Barn Quilt - #83


This quilt was designed by Mrs. Gordon, grandmother of Dorothy Richards Randler & Reed Richards.  Mrs. Gordon stayed with her children at the Richards/Randler Farm where she had a quilting room in her bedroom.  Dorothy remembers Mrs. Gordon helping to get meals & eating with the family & then going back to her room to quilt.  The quilt was done in approximately 1950.  This design is intricate and was designed by Mrs. Gordon without a pattern.  Dorothy remembers sitting with her grandmother while she pieced quilts; however, she is not a quilter herself.  Mrs. Gordon’s quilting frames are now with a great granddaughter who does quilt.  This quilt has a permanent home with Dorothy and her family.


The farm was one of many originally owned by Sam Mellott and handed down to grandchildren.  This farm came from Mr. Mellott to grandson Donald (Jim) Hayes Richards & his wife Mary.  They transferred the farm to their children Dorothy Richards Randler & Reed Richards in 1975.  The dairy farm operation continued until 2012 and the 200+ acres is now leased out.  The farm still has beef cattle, ducks & geese that call this home.